Frequently Asked Questions


What are the different account types available on Zidelity?
There are two account types, Premier Account and Search Only Account. A Premier Account holder can:
  • Create a profile,
  • Search for specific individuals’ profiles (if they are also Premier Account holders),
  • Send requests to link to other users,
  • View information on profiles you are linked to,
  • Use zPeek to exchange information with other members anonymously.

A Search Only Account enables the account holder to search for a specific person to see if he/she has a profile (i.e., is a Premier Account holder) and cannot interact with members in any way.

How is the trial period different than the paid period (Premier Account)?
During the trial period, the member uses the service without his/her identity being verified. When interacting with other members, the following message will be displayed:
[member’s user name] is using a free account and his/her identity has not been verified. This means he/she may or may not be the person he/she claims and he/she may have more than one account.

Once the member provides his/her date of birth and address, and pays the subscription fee, we verify the members’ identity.

If I sign up for a "Search Only" Account, can I upgrade to a Premier Account later?
No, to get a Premier Account you must sign up for one.

I already have a Premier Account. Do I need to get a "Search Only" Account as well?
No, your Premier membership already includes the features of the Search Only membership.

What information do I need to provide for registration?
For Search Only Accounts no additional information other than your name and the payment information (credit card number and the billing address) is required. You need to submit your credit card information and the billing address directly to PayPalTM, our safe and secure credit card processor. For Premier Accounts you need to provide your full legal name, home address, and date of birth. When you choose to verify your identity, this data is checked against government issued IDs to verify the correctness of the information (you do not need to provide your social security or your driver's license number). You will also be required to upload three recent pictures of yourself.

Why is the registration process so lengthy compared to other websites?
In order to ensure that a Premier Account holder does not register under a fake name and to ensure that another person who has access to your information cannot register under your name, we have a number of verifications. First, we compare the name and address provided by the user with the same information associated with the credit card used for registration. We also send a letter to the address provided which contains a random code needed to complete the registration process. While the registration is lengthy, it assures the integrity of our service.

Can a person create a profile under a fake name? How do I know members are authentic?
During identity verification process, the name provided is checked against government issued IDs to make sure a fake name is not used. This ensures that people use their real name for joining this site and prevents members from creating fake profiles under different names. However, if a person has chosen not to have his/her identity verified, there is no guarantee that he/she is using his/her real name. In this case, a note indicating that the identity has not been verified is displayed to other members on this website.

What if a person creates multiple profiles?
During the identity verification process, the person's name is checked to make sure they are using their real name and identity. We also check to see if there is already a verified profile with the same name. This prevents people from creating more than one verified profile.

What are the common reasons for rejecting a members' pictures?
Common reasons are:
  • There is no person in the picture.
  • There is more than one person in the picture.
  • The picture is too revealing.
  • Your face is not clearly visible (should not be covered by sunglasses, hats, paint, etc.).
  • The picture of the person is too small.
  • The picture seems to be dated.

The pictures you submit are used by others for identification purposes. Before submitting a picture, ask yourself whether you would willingly submit it to your employer. If the answer is no, then it is unlikely to be accepted by Zidelity.

How do you make sure the pictures uploaded by a person actually show him/her?
We can't. We don't meet each member personally. We can and do visually inspect the pictures to make sure they all belong to the same person, clearly show the person, and do not violate our guidelines. If a person uses fake pictures, anybody meeting him/her can tell the pictures are fake and will see that person is dishonest immediately. There is no benefit for anyone to try and "fool" the system. Our members are seriously seeking relationships and know that using fake pictures defeats that purpose.


How much does it cost to be a Zidelity® member?
For a Search Only Account the subscription cost is $19 per year. For a Premier Account, there is a 90-day free trial period. The current promotional price for one year Premier subscription is $19 (regular price is $39). These prices are subject to change without notice.

How is my payment processed?
We use PayPalTM to process your orders securely and safely. You will be asked to provide your credit card number, your name, and your billing address directly to PayPalTM. You do not need to have a PayPalTM account to make a safe, secure payment.

Will my subscription be renewed automatically?
No. We don't have the automatic renewal option, so your credit card will never be charged automatically. In fact, since you make the payment securely on PayPalTM, we never even know your credit card number.


Can I use Zidelity to meet new people?
No, Zidelity is not a dating website. Zidelity is a service which can be used to establish trust with the person you have met on a dating website or off-line.

I have registered. Now what?
If you are using any online dating websites, you should note that you are a Zidelity user on your online dating profile, mentioning that you are willing to generate a zPeek code and send it to anybody who is interested before starting to communicate. You can also state that once in a relationship, you will be open to linking your profile to the other person's profile on Zidelity to strengthen your mutual trust. Since online dating profiles are often falsified, being a Zidelity member gives your profile the stamp of approval and authenticity!
If you don't use dating websites, you can still use your Zidelity profile to show people you meet off-line that you are honest and willing to be transparent in regard to your relationship status. Zidelity is a quick, easy way to show potential partners that you are serious about having honest and open relationships.
When sending a request to another person, you can set the relationship type. If the person agrees to link his/her profile with your profile and agrees with the relationship type, he/she accepts the request and two profiles are linked. This means you will be able to see the content of the other person’s profile, including all his/her activities and the usernames of members linked to his/her profile (if any).
Later, if you decide to change the relationship type, you can send a request to the person and upon his/her approval, the relationship type will be changed. Similarly, the person can also send a request to change in relationship type.
You or the other person can end the relationship at any time. This does not require the consent of the other person.

What relationship types are supported by Zidelity?
When sending a request to another person, you can designate the relationship to one of the following: dating, romantic friendship (e.g., boyfriend-girlfriend), domestic partnership, engagement, and marriage.

Do you use background checks to collect information on the relationship status of members?
No, we don't. All relationship information is provided by the members themselves. However, our system has been designed in such a way that if a member provides false information, his/her significant other can easily find out. This discourages any potential members from joining under false pretenses.

My profile is the only profile linked to another person's profile. Does this mean I can be sure the person is not in any other relationship?
No. There is no "guarantee" that he/she is not in another relationship. However, if they are in another relationship, there is a possibility that their other partner will do a search on Zidelity and ask them to link their two profiles. Then both you and the other person will know that that your partner is in multiple relationships.

What are the activities that I see when I login?
When you login, activities, since your last login, which are not hidden and are related to the members linked to you are displayed.

If I create a profile on Zidelity, will my relationship status and other information be visible to everyone?
No. Unless you give permission to a person by linking your profile to his/her profile or sending him/her a code to let him/her to zPeek you, nobody will know your relationship status. The only information visible to others when they search for your name on the Zidelity website is your name, username, membership status (if provisional or expired) and pictures, which are displayed for verification purposes. Searches can be done only by other paid members of Zidelity and can be completed only by entering both your first name and last name.

If I am linked to a person, does this mean I can see all his/her past activities?
No, you can see only activities which are not hidden.

Can I hide an activity on my log?
Yes, the following relationship activities can be hidden if they are not related to a current relationship and they are at least one month old:
  • sending or receiving a link request,
  • sending or receiving a change request,
  • accepting or rejecting a request sent to you,
  • cancelling a request sent by you,
  • terminating a relationship by you or the person with whom you are in a relationship.

I can post my relationship status on a social networking website. What more does Zidelity offer me?
You can post your relationship status on any social networking website, but then everybody will know each time you date a new person. Also, there is no way to make sure people have used their real names on their profiles. A person can easily create multiple profiles under slightly different names and use them to interact with different groups of people. Furthermore, the fact that pictures are not screened means that a person may upload different pictures to each fake profile, and when somebody questions them they can claim it is not his/her profile. Finally, social networking websites do not provide a way to exchange your relationship status with someone without revealing your name. Zidelity's zPeek provides this service which can be useful at the early stage of anonymous communication with another person on a dating website.

What is the benefit of a “Search Only” Account?
A “Search Only” Account is useful if a person doesn’t want to interact others, and only wants to see whether his/her partner has a Premier Account.

I am not currently using any online dating websites. Can I still use Zidelity?
Yes! You can also use Zidelity to exchange your relationship status with people you meet off-line. Think of it as a way to prove to potential partners that you are honest in your relationships.

How can I end a relationship?
When you login, you will see the names of the people linked to you. Please click on the name of the person you would like to end your relationship with. This will open a new page. Press the “End Relationship” button at the bottom of the page. You will be taken to a new page, where you can choose the reason to end the relationship. After that you can press the “End” button. There is no need for the other person to accept that the relationship has ended.

What are the choices available on the pull down menu for the reason for ending a relationship?
When ending a relationship you can choose one of the following reasons, "Break Up", "Separation", "Divorce", "Loss", and "Other Reasons".

What happens when I end a relationship?
When you end a relationship, you will not be able to see the person’s profile anymore. Furthermore, the other person will not be able to see your profile. An entry will be added to both of your profiles indicating that the relationship has ended. You will not be able to hide the entry unless it is at least one month old.

How can I stop receiving link requests from other members?
In the “Account” section you will be able to indicate whether you’d like to stop or resume receiving link requests from other members. The members linked to you will be able to see that you have stopped or resumed receiving link requests. Furthermore, one entry will be added to your log each time you stop or resume receiving link requests. If a member sends you a link request while you have chosen to block such requests, the member will be notified about this and the request will be automatically cancelled. The original request and the automatic cancellation will be added to the log of the member who sent the request and they can be seen by anyone who is linked to the member.

Do you guarantee the accuracy of data found on Zidelity?
No, we do not guarantee the accuracy. Always verify the accuracy of critical information with the person with whom you are in a relationship and remember to always use your best judgment.

What is the provisional status?
During registration we verify the identity of the person and ask the person to upload some pictures. The last step of the identity verification process is entering a random code which has been sent by a letter to the address provided during registration. The individual must login and enter the random code within 10 days to finish the registration process. If the person has not entered the code or his/her pictures have not been approved yet, he/she will have the provisional status displayed on the Zidelity website.


How is the zScore calculated?
The zScore is calculated based on the length of your membership and the amount of useful information on your profile. The longer the duration of one's membership, the higher the zScore.

What is the range of zScore?
The zScore of new members starts at 100 and increases with time. The increase is more rapid if the member actively uses Zidelity. The maximum achievable zScore increases over time and is displayed on the website. For members who renew their subscription within 14 days of the expiration of their previous subscription, their zScore will continue to increase; otherwise it will be reset to 100.

If the zScore of a member is high, does it mean he/she is single?
No. A person in a relationship can have a high zScore and a single person may have a low score. The zScore is based on how long you have been a member, and how much information you have supplied in your profile.


What information is displayed while using zPeek?
When using zPeek, the following profile information is displayed:
  • the individual’s zScore,
  • the number of profiles linked to the person's profile,
  • his/her zNote, all at the time of using the zPeek code,
  • his/her current pictures, and
  • that person’s current membership status (provisional, expired, or free).

Why are the person's pictures displayed?
The pictures are displayed to provide verification that the information belongs to the person whose online dating profile you may have seen. zNote provides another means of verification (see below).

What is a zNote?
Your zNote or Zidelity Signature is a short text which you compose and which will be shown to anybody who zPeeks you. This text can also be used as a way to verify that information belongs to you. For example, if you have a profile on a dating website and have started communicating with another person, you can include your unique screen name or ID from the dating website on your zNote. This assures the person that the code and the zPeek information belong to you, and not somebody else.

Who can see my zNote?
Your zNote can be seen by a member only if the member exchanges a zPeek code with you.

I have generated a code to let another person zPeek me. Can I send the code to others as well?
No, each code enables zPeeking only once. If you send the code to multiple people, only the first person who tries to use the code will be able to see your zPeek information. You need to generate a separate code for each person you want to allow to zPeek you.

How long after generation can a code be used to see my zPeek information?
Once a code is generated it must be used within 10 days. After that time a new code must be generated and sent to the person to let him/her see your information. This is to protect you; if codes did not expire, somebody might use the code you sent him/her last year to check your current status against your wishes.

Information Access

What information about me can a person see?
The following table shows the information that a person can see when he/she searches for your name, exchanges zPeek code with you, receives a request from you, and links his/her profile to yours.

   Search   zPeek   Request Received   Linked 
Allows/Blocks Link Requests      
Number of Linked Profiles      
 Usernames of Linked Members       
 Membership Status (provisional, expired, free) 

Can I copy and publish the Zidelity’s content?
No, you do not have the permission to copy the content found on the website and publish it. This includes the pictures found on Zidelity.


What happens to my account if I don't renew my subscription?
Your account information will be kept on our system for some time to allow you to renew your subscription and resume using it. Your information will still appear on any search performed for your name. However, your zScore will decrease if your subscription elapses.

What happens if I close/terminate my account?
You will not be able to login and your information will not appear on any search performed by others for your name. You can join Zidelity again, but you have to go through the verification steps just as any new person joining for the first time. Therefore, we encourage you not to close your account.

Will I get a refund if I close my account?
No. All sales are final.