Privacy Policy

This statement is a part of the Zidelity terms of use but trumps any conflicts with the agreement. This statement only addresses our practices associated with the website. Other websites we operate may be subject to other practices. You have rights under California Civil Code §1798.83 to learn more about our disclosure of your personal data; to exercise those rights, contact The effective date of this statement is July 26, 2011.

Registration and Payment. To register you need to provide your name. To verify your identity for a Premier membership, you need to provide your street address and date of birth as well as your name in order for us to double-check your identity. We store the registration data in our database and share it with our authentication service provider, who will communicate back to us their opinion about the accuracy of the registration data. We also use your street address to send you a letter with your verification code, which you must provide back to us to complete your registration. Your name will appear on your profile, and we may give you options to publish some or all of the other registration data on your profile as well. To pay for your membership, we redirect you to PayPal™. While you are interacting with PayPal, their privacy policies apply. PayPal provides us with your name, street address, telephone number and email address, a unique customer ID, and whether you are a verified or unverified payor. We store this data in our database. If the address we get from PayPal does not match the address you provide us directly, we may require you to submit additional identifying information.

Profile Information and Linking Accounts. We record a variety of information to your activity log, including your membership creation and renewal dates, changes to your photos, link requests alongside the type of the relationship (and if they are accepted, rejected or canceled), requests to change the type of the relationship (and if they are accepted, rejected or canceled), relationship terminations and their reasons, and stopping or resuming to receive link requests. You must upload photos to your profile. Your search profile includes at least one of your photos, your name, your username and your membership status (provisional, expired or free; a provisional member is a member who has not finished all registration steps). You can change your photos, including designating a different primary photo, through the “My Pictures” page. The search profile may be seen by any member (Premier or Search Only) who searches for your name. You can link with other Premier members. You should be careful with whom you link. If you link, then you and the other linked members can see each others’ full profiles. This means that a linked member can see (in addition to your search profile) your zScore, your zNote, your activity log, the usernames of members linked to you, and whether you accept new link requests. Furthermore, other members linked to the linked member can also see your username. Your link approval and relationship type will be added to both your activity log and your linked member’s activity log. Note: all link requests are added to each member’s activity log, even if the request is ignored, rejected or canceled; the only exception is when a user has chosen not to receive link requests in which case the requests sent to the user will not appear on the user’s activity log. Either member can change relationship status (with the linked member’s approval) or unilaterally end the link at any time; these changes will be recorded in both members’ activity logs. Members may have the ability to hide some entries in their activity logs. Furthermore, members may choose to stop receiving link requests from other members. Currently, we do not email members when a linked member has activity in his/her activity log, so you may want to check your Zidelity page periodically to see if any activity has occurred. As an alternative to linking, you can share limited information about your profile with other Premier members using our zPeek tool. By initiating a zPeek, you can let another member see your photo(s), your zScore, number of other members linked to your profile, your zNote (a short message you write that is shown to each member who you give your zPeek code to), and your membership status (provisional, expired or free), all without disclosing your name.

Other Data Collection and Use. If two users attempt to register under the same name and with the same birthday, we may disclose the potential overlap to both users (thus indirectly revealing the other member’s birthday) and require both users to provide additional authentication information. As part of our servers’ normal operations, we log your IP address and referring/destination URLs. We may use this data and other server usage data to analyze site and member behavior, improve the site, target ads, troubleshoot technical problems, resolve disputes, address complaints and generate reports of aggregated activity that we share with others. In addition to the activities described above, we use account data to improve the site, target ads, generate reports of aggregated activity that we share with others and send emails to you. Our administrative emails are mandatory so long as you have an account. We and our third party vendors (such as our web analytics service provider) may use cookies and web beacons to analyze site usage, improve the site, store your preferences/passwords (if you’ve registered), target ads, personalize your experience (including tracking your site usage to do so) and generate reports of aggregated activity that we share with others. You must accept cookies to access as a member. We may get data from or about you in other ways not specifically described in this statement. For example, you might contact Customer Support, or we may get a third party complaint about you. We handle this data like other business records.

Accessing Your Records Regarding Data Sales to Marketers. The information described in California Business & Professions Code Sec. 1798.83 is available by submitting the statutorily required information to

Data Changes. To the extent we permit you to modify or delete your data or Content, we usually update our live databases immediately, but some data may update more slowly, and some old data may remain indefinitely in our archives and records.

Ending Your Membership. If you cancel your membership early or let your membership lapse by failing to renew it after expiration, or if we terminate or suspend your membership, we may at our option delete your profile immediately or after a delay (in which case others might believe you have an active account when your account isn’t). We may retain some or all of your information in our database for subsequent authentications.

Contractors/Service Providers. Third party contractors may have access to our databases. Usually these contractors sign a standard confidentiality agreement. Some of our site’s functionality may be operated by third party service providers, and in the course of providing this functionality, these service providers may obtain some of your personal data from you directly or transferred from us to facilitate your usage of this service. Usually we require these providers to use and disclose your personal data only as necessary to perform their services. If we choose to display ads, third party ad servers may place or recognize a cookie and, using the cookie or otherwise, collect and use data from your visits to this and other websites to serve ads to you.

Our “Corporate Family.” We may share your data with any parent company, subsidiaries, joint ventures, other entities under a common control or third party acquirers. We expect these other entities will honor this statement. Also, we may allow a potential acquirer or merger partner to review our database, although we would restrict their use and disclosure of this data during the diligence phase.

Government Relations and Lawsuits. We may disclose data about you to the government if we are required to do so or if we think the disclosure is appropriate (including without limitation to assist a criminal investigation or prosecution based on false registration information); and you authorize us to make these disclosures. We may also disclose data about you in connection with actual or potential legal proceedings (a) if we are required to do so, (b) if such disclosures might mitigate our liability, or (c) to enforce our rights.

Minors. If you are 18 and under, do not use the site or provide any data to us.

Limits on Our Abilities. While we try hard to respect your privacy, like any other complex web service, we might inadvertently use or disclose your data in ways inconsistent with this statement. For example, a temporary software glitch could lead to public display of your personal data despite your contrary preferences. We might also make ad hoc uses of your data in ways not mentioned here. In these anomalous situations, your sole remedy is that we will try to rectify the anomaly as soon as we can.

Security. We use industry-standard security protocols, such as (if and where we think appropriate) firewalls and restrictions on which employees can access user data. However, perfect security does not exist on the Internet.

Amendment. This privacy policy is part of the Zidelity terms of use and can be modified in accordance with the amendment procedures described in that document.